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The 30 Most Epic Facebook Comments Ever

Facebook is such a wonderful place, mainly because most of the time you spend your free time trawling the madcap ramblings of the simpletons you call ‘friends’. Sometimes though there is a status that is so funny that you just have to keep reading it over and over and over again.

Yes, it’s official – there are normal, funny, brilliant people on Facebook, it’s not just pyramid sellers and backwater nutters spreading race hate and ignorant views. Sometimes you can find a status well worthy of your time and attention.

So here they are: The 30 Most Epic Facebook Comments Ever

What happens when you stick over one billion people on a social network where everything is mostly public? Some pretty hilarious and embarrassing stuff, that’s what. We sorted through the ruff to find the diamonds and so we present for your viewing pleasure, the forty-five most epic Facebook comments ever:

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