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10 Common Lingerie Mistakes Women Often Make and How to Avoid Them

Fancy lacy lingerie! It is every woman’s dream to own several sets of them, simply because it is so sensuous and feminine. Most of the time ladies buy them impulsively because it triggers the sense of self-confidence and inner sensuality without thinking whether they would regret their purchase later for various reasons. The problem is sometimes we end up buying the wrong lingerie that doesn’t suit us. Here are some common mistakes women make while getting their hands on a lingerie set and how to avoid it.

1  Choosing Bra fabric

When you are wearing slim bright colored turtlenecks or tight pants, you should never wear lacy underwear as it would be easily noticeable to people. This results in the fabric appearing rough and the uneven texture of the surface of your clothes may not look aesthetic.


Here’s what to do
Lacy underwear is so attractive and every woman has a pair of them in their closet but it’s the teaming up of them with formal or semi-formal dresses and top which makes them look disastrous. The lace is very prominent if you are wearing solid colored, skin-hugging tops or shirts and make the whole look cheesy. Instead, you must always choose seamless bra or a seamless contour bra which would add to your allure and make you look elegant.


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